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Editing and proofreading
Qualifications and experience
Qualifications and experience

Diploma of Publishing (Professional Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing), Australian College QED, 2007  
Master of Applied Science (Social Ecology), University of Western Sydney, 1999
EndNote X Training Course, Southern Cross University, 2008
Editing standards:
I ensure that all my editing work conforms to the policy governing the use of professional editors by research students at Australian universities. This policy, 'The editing of research theses by professional editors', was developed by the Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies in collaboration with the Council of Australian Societies of Editors. 
Editing and proofreading experience:
Since January 2007: Freelance editing and proofreading of academic work as well as work intended for a general audience (see below for the titles of some of the material I have edited)
February to April 2008: Casual Quality Assurance Officer, Flexible Learning Development Services, Southern Cross University
From 1990 to 1999: Editor of The World Rainforest Report, an international quarterly journal published by the Rainforest Information Centre

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Since January 2007 I have edited about 50 PhD theses and 40 Doctor of Business Administration theses, as well as articles, reports, books and academic papers. The list below is not exhaustive.

 PhD and creative arts doctoral theses:

‘Time-series and cross-sectional momentum investment strategies: international evidence’

‘Vital signs and surface effects: on the affordances of the new materialisms for the discipline and practice of creative writing’

‘Ascendance, resistance, resilience: concepts and analyses for designing cost-effective and robust energy and water systems’

‘Maximising Olympic performance: a framework for understanding the relationship between the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and national sporting organisations (NSOs) and how it affects Olympic performance’

‘Enabling concentrating solar power in Australia: an investigation of the benefits and potential role of concentrating solar power/non-conventional fuel hybrid plants in Australia’s transition to a low-carbon energy future’

‘Organisational transitions to sustainability: a multi-level perspective analysis of a single case study to explore the impact of sustainability activities on organisational advancement to sustainability’

‘Efficacy of emissions trading schemes in Australia’

‘The colour of dissonance: ethics, aesthetics, alterity and form in the cross-cultural novel’ (dissertation)

‘Indonesian teacher education students’ motivations for choosing a teaching career and a career plan’

‘The influence of an interorganisational network of a large-scale sport event on sport development legacies: a case study of the Sydney 2009 World Masters Games’

'Writing torture, affect and power in the war on terror' (dissertation)

 'More-than-useful geographies of gardens in public housing: (e)valu(at)ing everyday practices and stories of gardens, home, and community'

 'Harvesting Sophia' (novel and  exegesis)

‘People and practices: fostering transitions toward sustainability through transdisciplinary inquiry and individual, social and organisational learning’

‘Semi-analytical solutions for delay partial differential equations’ 

‘I participate therefore I am: a comparative analysis of interactivity and deliberative practices in online news journals’

‘The role of music blogs as cultural intermediaries’

‘Social media politics: the use of Facebook in the 2012 Taiwan presidential election’

‘The effect of organisational diversity on employee attitudes and behaviour in Taiwanese hospitality organisations’

‘Impairment of carbon-intensive assets: evidence from the Australian railway industry and ASX 200 companies’

‘The HRM practices of Indonesian medium-sized companies in the textile industry in Java’

‘Climate change – whose responsibility? From the personal to the global’

‘Midwifery primary health care groups (MPHCGs) aimed at health optimisation during pregnancy engaging with Thai women at known risk of preterm birth’

‘A strengths perspective on social accountability for development: informing citizen and state action for improved services’

‘An investigation of stakeholder conflict and asymmetric influence in the transport policy process as a barrier to achieving more sustainable urban transport development – collaborative stakeholder dialogue as a catalyst for consensus building and mutual learning’

 ‘Festivals in Java: localising cultural activism and environmental politics, 2005-2010’

 ‘User-centric security model for tamper resistant devices’

 ‘We obviously know who’s listening: commercial radio programming, subjectivation and coloniality in Bogota, Colombia’

 ‘Developing sport tourism: a multiple case study of interactions between Australian national sport organisations and a sport tour operator’

 ‘Affiliation, commitment and identity of volunteers in the NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW State Emergency Service’

 ‘Are we making the grade? The education of children and young people in out of home care’

 ‘Planting the seeds of change and growing the fruits of transdisciplinary educational design’ (winner of the Vice Chancellor’s outstanding thesis award, Southern Cross University) 

‘Towards wellbeing: creative inquiries into an experiential arts-based healing practice in Aboriginal contexts’

‘"Feeling belonged": risk and protective factors associated with Indigenous gambling in north Queensland'

‘Listening to refugee bodies: the naturopathic encounter as a cross-cultural meeting place’

‘Tainted’ (exegesis for novel)

‘The seduction of loss’ (visual arts exegesis)

‘Staff recruitment, selection and retention in family-owned businesses’

‘Relationship capital and the dark side of change management’

‘Children having a say: a study on children’s participation in family law decision making’

‘Seeds of change’ (visual arts exegesis)

‘Music in NSW state primary schools from 1920 to 1956’

‘Behaviours, needs and preferences of independent bicycle tourists in Australia’

‘The story of phosphorus: sustainbability implications of global phosphorus scarcity for food security’

‘Nourishing resilience: the nature and role of festivals in Northern Rivers NSW communities’

‘Multiple simultaneous threat detection in a UNIX environment’

‘A catalyst for change or just and extra person to see? Exploring the value of an assessment and referral model of eating "disorders" service delivery in rural New South Wales’

 ‘Social ecological resilience through education for sustainability: a case study of school community resilience’

‘A critical feminist exploration of the workplace culture, experiences and practice of women mental health nurses in an acute inpatient facility’.


Doctor of Business Administration theses: 

‘Guanxi as a dynamic capability being built, maintained, and desalinated in wholly-owned foreign enterprises in China’

‘The perception and impact of employee engagement on public sector employees: the case of the Solomon Islands’

‘Factors impacting on childcare teacher retention in the Singaporean early childhood industry’

 ‘Flushing out the ideas: the experiences, drivers and motivations of innovative individuals in the Australian plumbing industry’

‘Exploring the career narratives of professional self-initiated expatriate women living and working in China’

‘An empirical study of the effects of emotional labour, perceived organisational support and perceived supervisor support on tour guides’ performances in Hong Kong’

‘An exploratory study of vendor logistics performance measurement for logistics management in Asia’s apparel industry’

‘Understanding the motivational characteristics of young agricultural professionals: comparisons and contrasts between developing and developed countries’

'Understanding home improvement consumers’ purchasing strategies'

‘When the spin stops … it’s more than a bike race: an exploratory study of the role of a sport tourism event, the Tour Down Under, in building social capital in rural South Australia’

‘Improving performance appraisal practices: a multiple case study of the Pakistan pharmaceutical industry’ 

 ‘Socio-cultural effects of neuro-linguistic programming on personal performance: an exploratory study’

‘The identification of critical success factors for quality internal IT services in public sector organisations in Hong Kong’

‘Drucker’s knowledge-worker productivity: a practitioner’s approach to integrating organisational work processes with Drucker’s six major factors determining knowledge-worker productivity’

‘Public service broadcasting and minorities: investigating Radio 3 in Hong Kong’

‘Market entry strategies of German financial service providers in China’

‘An investigation of the leadership styles of middle managers in the Thai hotel industry’

‘Strategic human resource development of executives in the Papua New Guinea public service’

‘A study of the hotel selection criteria of Chinese business travellers’

‘An investigation of training activities in Thai family-owned small businesses’

‘The potential for collaboration as a policy strategy to attract external sources of funding for business research: a case study of a regional university’

‘An empirical study on the management of precast concrete structural elements in the construction of Hong Kong public housing’

‘High-speed internet service providers in Thailand: customer selection and customer loyalty’

‘Knowledge management capability and competitive advantage: an empirical study of Vietnamese enterprises’

‘The protection of trade secrets by Chinese enterprises’

‘A study on the consumer acceptance of hybrid electric passenger vehicles in Australia’

‘The relationship between motivation factors and the retention of key management management and professional technical staff in government-run construction enterprises in China’

‘Motivations driving hedonic consumption at dance parties’

 ‘Factors that influence positive succession outcomes and longevity in Australian family enterprises’

‘Cause related marketing in Thailand’

‘Workplace learning and service quality management in Singapore restaurants’

‘Market entry strategies of German financial services providers in China’ 

‘The role of financial ratios in signalling financial distress: evidence from Thai listed companies’

‘Strategy formulation for small and medium enterprises in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia’

‘Internal auditing, critical success factors and data quality in accounting information in cooperative enterprises in Central Sulawesi province, Indonesia: an empirical examination’

Masters theses:

‘An empirical study of e-learning portal investment payoffs in an Iraqi higher educational institution’

‘Alleviating poverty by supporting microenterprises how can INGOS in Vietnam help microenterprises overcome market constraints?’

‘Is the current theoretical research regarding what affects box office revenue consistent with what the producers of The Castle and Muriel’s Wedding experienced in producing their respective films?’

‘The spectacle of performance drawing’ (visual arts exegesis)

‘Optimisation of machining process design for Stellite 6, a wear-resistant and difficult-to-machine material’

‘The spectacle of performance drawing’ (visual arts exegesis)

‘Yearning for a better world! A social educational project exploring Deep Democracy in action in community settings’

‘An investigation of the number knowledge of first and second grade children in an Indonesian school’.  

Honours theses:

 ‘Father involvement: the Lamb-Pleck model and the role of psychological distress’

 ‘Indigenous entrepeneurship in northern NSW’ (awarded First Class Honours)

 ‘Unravelling the nitrogen cycle in constructed wetlands’ (awarded First Class Honours)

 ‘A red sofa bed’ (script for a play). 



 ‘Sticks and stones: a guide to stone artefacts, wooden tools, weapons and implements used and traded by the Aboriginal people within the Border Rivers and Gwydir Catchments’

 ‘Managing high performance sport’ (ed. Popi Sotiriadou, Senior Lecturer, Business School, Griffith University, to be published by Routledge) 

 ‘Extreme dude! A phenomenological guide to the extreme sport experience’ (PhD thesis adapted for publication as a book)

 ‘Whispering shadows’ (manuscript of novel).



 ‘Societal perceptions and acceptability of remediation technologies research (SPART)’

 ‘The future of passenger transport in Australia: local government and community engagement in Australia’

 ‘Legal and governance models for shared services in local government’

 ‘Evolution in community governance: building on what works’

 ‘Collaborative governance and metropolitan planning in South East Queensland – 1990 to 2010: from a voluntary to a statutory model’

 ‘A scoping study for integrated timber-forage-livestock agroforestry systems for economic diversification in West Timor farming communities’ (Report submitted to the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research)

 ‘Developing "Technology Together", together: final report on an investigation of the metacognitive influences on teachers’ use of information and communication technology (ICT) and the implications for teacher professional development’ (Report for the Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University)

 ‘Pressure and leakage reduction program: evaluation of customer water savings’ (Report for the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney)

 ‘Guide to demand management’ (Report for the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney)

 ‘Win, win, win: regulating electricity distribution networks for reliability, consumers and the environment. A review of the NSW D-factor and alternative mechanisms to encourage demand management’ (Report for the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney)

‘The story of phosphorus: global food security and food for thought’

‘Hornsby futures research paper: to inform the development of a sustainability strategy for Hornsby Shire Council’ (Report for the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney)

‘Sustainability assessment in urban water integrated resource planning’

‘Smart energy zones – policy and regulation discussion paper’

‘Factory farmed pork: an investigation of the industry’ 

 ‘An independent review of supply-demand planning in the Lower Hunter and the need for Tillegra dam’

 ‘iGrid Project 4 - institutional barriers, economic modelling and stakeholder engagement: institutional barriers to intelligent grid’

 ‘Ashfield 2020: pathways to the future – Ashfield Community Strategic Plan’.


Papers for academic journals:

 ‘An examination of the relative importance of performances in youth and junior competition as an indicator of later success in tennis’

 ‘Exploiting innovation potential in SMEs: the role of strategic orientation in the emerging UAE market Infrastructure: real assets and real returns’

 ‘A study of organisational determinants and innovation practices in SMEs: a partial least squares modelling approach’

 ‘Comparing the spatial planning cultures in France and Australia: some initial findings and reflections’

 ‘Caught in the same frame? The language of evidence-based policy in debates about the Australian Government ‘Intervention’ into Northern Territory Aboriginal communities’

 ‘Institutional analysis of condominium management in the Amhara region of Ethiopia: the case of Bahir Dar city’

‘Estimating submarine groundwater discharge using three radon approaches in a South Pacific coral reef lagoon’

‘A dynamic finite element analysis of wheel-rail impacts in heavy haul railways’

 ‘Plurk politics: how politicians in Taiwan use social media’

 ‘Collaborative stakeholder dialogue: a pragmatic pathway towards sustainable urban transport development’

 ‘Pathways towards more sustainable urban transport development: a systematic comparison of adversarial and collaborative approaches to the transport policy process’

 ‘Engagement of citizens and organised interest groups in the transport policy process - complementary or mutually exclusive?’ 

 ‘The emergence of community strategic planning in New South Wales, Australia: influences, challenges and opportunities’

‘Improving health through access to sterile needles and syringes: an institutional analysis’

 ‘Sustainable use of phosphorus’

 ‘Mineral futures: a cross-scale analysis of sustainability issues and responses’

 ‘A three-criterion framework for assessing peak minerals: Australian iron ore’

 ‘Dabblers, fans and fanatics: exploring behavioural segmentation at a special-interest event’

‘Reforming criminal juries through the practice of deliberative democracy: lessons from citizens’ juries’                                                              

‘On relationships in local government: a lost world?’